Are you interested in combing English and Drama with an established and effective curriculum?
Does a set regular weekly schedule of classes appeal to you? Would you like to work with kids?
Welcome to MLS!


Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.








Founded in Tokyo in 1974. M for Model, L for Language, S for Studio.  There are currently 30 studio locations in the Tokyo Metro area. Read more about the history here.

The goal of the MLS Drama Method® is to develop communication skills, not just language skills. Read more here.

We teach students of all ages and abilities. From toddlers to high schoolers, adults, actors and talent. Read more about our programs of study here.


Students don’t just memorize their lines, but learn to use language to communicate as if in real life scenarios.

So while the scene may take place on stage, the language is ALIVE and lives on AFTER the curtain falls.

English Through Drama (ETD) is a way of teaching English based upon the principles and method used by Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg and adapted for the classroom and stage. It’s pretty cool.

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A two week Basic Training will get you started. And even after that, we provide a weekly training program for all new instructors during their 1st year. At the training, the basic skills of teaching English using the Drama Method® will be introduced by experienced training and senior staff. On the job training and a “call-us-anytime” policy means you won’t be left all on your own. We’ve got your back.




Thorough and clear teaching manuals are in place for all of our classes. Step-by-step procedures give you the tools you need to teach using the Drama Method. The manuals are linked to original textbooks and teaching materials (props!), all of which are ready for you to use in the studio. Online resources are posted on the MLS Teacher’s website so you can access the manuals and more on-the-go.


The S in MLS doesn’t stand for School – it’s for STUDIO – where the magic first happens.

Our studios are open spaces, not cubicles, that allow our students and teachers to move freely while practicing their English and lines from the plays.

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Various locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area offer classes to students of all ages.

All within walking distance from the station. Google them by clicking on the studio names below.


The main recruitment season to join us for a school year runs from November to February each year. There may also be other opportunities throughout the year, so always feel free to get in touch with us.

Successful candidates will receive comprehensive (and paid) training.


Full Time Instructor

Guaranteed Contract Salary

starting at ¥250,000 / mo

yearly salary raise system


 A Set Weekly Schedule

25 ~ 27 hours teaching

weekly training


Paid Vacations

a full week for Golden Week

two weeks in summer

two weeks in winter

national holidays


Annual Performance & Monthly Attendance Bonuses


Transportation To & From Work Fully Reimbursed