Happy Birthday to our dear friends at MLS!

What a wonderful vision for a bright and beautiful company, sharing the joy of language and communication, through a vibrant approach to the arts. The heart of humanity is our ability to communicate with one another, to build bridges and understanding. MLS enables this for so many thousands of young people across Japan and beyond.


We are so proud to be their friend and partner – whilst many physical miles away, our ethos and philosophy are beautifully aligned, using the power of storytelling and theatre to encourage friendship, confidence, self-esteem and to empower children to become the best, fullest, versions of themselves as they grow up.


Here’s the next 50 years!


Playbox Theatre, 

Emily Quash, Artistic DirectorJuliet Vankay, Deputy Executive Director.


Toby Quash, Literary AssociateKris Vankay, Associate Director